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Energy storage systems – research for the energy transition

With the continuously rising share of renewable energies in the energy supply system, storage systems for electrical and thermal energy are becoming ever more important. If electricity is converted before it is stored, for example into hydrogen or other chemical energy sources, this energy can then be used in other energy industry-related sectors and thus for the much-needed coupling of the various sectors, all in addition to re-electrification of stored energy.

To date, however, only few storage technologies have reached the necessary technical maturity at a competitive cost level. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research have recognised the research and development needs in the area of energy storage technology and are developing tailored promotional activities as part of the 6th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government. With the Energy Storage Funding Initiative, both ministries have been supporting innovations for a wide range of storage technologies since 2011. But development is ongoing: the two ministries are pursuing new storage concepts and are further advancing existing technological developments also beyond the Energy Storage Funding Initiative.

  • Battery fuel cell drive

    In the ELAAN project reasearchers are combining the advantages of batteries with those of a fuel cell range extender. ...more

  • Energy storage flywheels

    In the ENERSPHERE project acientists are working on a flywheel rotor with a superconducting bearing. ...more

  • Wind-hydrogen systems

    Scientists want to consider how surplus wind energy can be stored efficiently as hydrogen in a large scale. ...more

News | 31.7.2013
High cycle durability

Researchers develop dual-ion battery

Scientists from the MEET battery research centre at the University of Münster are working on a new energy storage system which is based on dual-ion battery technology. This system is to be used in stationary plants for the intermediate storage of renewable energies and to stabilise the electricity grid. ...


News | 25.7.2013
Geo-scientific principles

Measuring underground storage potential

What is the potential for underground energy storage? Scientists at the Kiel University are looking at this issue and examining the geological conditions for underground storage in a joint project, entitled ANGUS+. The focus here is on storing natural gas, hydrogen and compressed air in cavern and pore storage facilities and storing heat underground but near the surface. ...


News | 19.7.2013

New areas of application for supercapacitors

Supercapacitors are among the most promising technologies in the field of electrochemical energy storage systems. The aim of a new project at the MEET battery research centre of the University of Münster is to prepare them for new areas of application. ...


News | 8.7.2013
Mainz Energy Park

Storing wind energy in the form of hydrogen

An energy park is set to be created in Mainz for completion by 2015. The idea is to temporarily store electricity from wind energy as hydrogen. This can be used as fuel, for generating heat or for reconverting the stored energy back into electricity. The electrolysis plant shall absorb up to six megawatts of electricity and balance out bottlenecks in the distribution grid. This would make it the largest plant of its kind. ...


News | 1.7.2013

6-megawatt plant connected to the grid

Scientists and engineers at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) are researching and developing an industrial scale Power-to-Gas method (P2G).The world’s first P2G plant has now been inaugurated in Werlte, Lower Saxony. ...


News | 30.6.2013
Decentralised storage systems

Storing electricity in the cloud

How can storage best be operated? How can the integration of renewable energies into the supply grid be supported? The “green2store” project will research these issues. The aim is to unite decentralised storage systems in a virtual cloud and make them accessible. ...


Supported by: The Federal Government on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag


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