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Interdisciplinary Research

Junior research groups

To secure long-term competencies for the reconstruction of the energy system, junior research groups are being funded to conduct interdisciplinary research on the various storage technologies. The offer is aimed at postdoctoral students with two to four years’ post-doctoral experience after graduation and substantial international research experience. The outstanding scientific qualities of the candidates are an important selection criterion.

Electrical Storage | BMBF
Lithium-ion batteries 11.4.2017

New generation of lithium-ion batteries

A young research group investigated aqueous electrolytes based on lithium-ion batteries for intermediate storage of electrical energy. The young researchers are developing new coatings and electrolytes for the stabilization of the active components. ... more

Electrical Storage | BMBF
Lithium batteries 16.1.2017

Quantum mechanics replaces laboratory experiment

To get a better understanding of Li-Ion batteries, junior researchers are using quantum mechanical methods. The multiscale modelling of batteries, which is based on quantum mechanical principles, is an option to develop electrodes and electrolytes using computer-based simulations. The virtual development of batteries is not only accurate and fast, but also offers other benefits, since the costs are lower than those of laboratory experiments. In this way one single experiment can be sufficient to confirm the computer-based results. ... more

Overarching Themes | BMBF
Analysis 9.1.2017

Super batterie combines high performance and capacity

In the project NovaCap scientists determine in a study new materials for the realization of a new concept for hybrid and asymmetric supercapacitors. The concept provides for battery electrode material with capacitor material in one cell unite. This will create a super battery that combine both: high performance and high capacity. ... more

Electrical Storage | BMBF
High-energy cathodes 18.10.2016

New Materials for lithium ion batteries

A research group working in the project KaLiPat to make materials for high-energy cathodes of lithium ion batteries more durable and cheaper. The project focus is the synthesis, modification and characterization of the materials. ... more

Electrical Storage | BMBF
Super capacitor 14.9.2015

Nanomaterial increases capacity

Supercapacitors are very important to the management of the power system as a short-term storage and to improve the efficiency of a plurality of different systems. They are essential in public transport. The research group are researching the project nanoEES3D this technique now more accurate and simultaneously improve the energy storage capacity. ... more

Electrical Storage | BMBF
Capacitors 10.12.2014

From power grid to fundamental research


the ENREKON project, which stands for the “Development of resource-efficient

condensers for short-term energy storage”, researchers are synthesising ionic

liquids and transition metal oxides. Following this, a physical and structural analysis will be performed. Important capacitor-specific characteristics will be determined with dielectric spectroscopy over a wide temperature- and frequency range. ... more

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