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News | 23.11.2015
Electricity storage systems in the cloud

green2store: Field test started

Electricity storage systems in an IT cloud: As part of a recently started field test, a local network storage system and nine home storage systems have been interconnected with one another in a storage cloud.

The green2store project shows how energy storage systems can be bundled together in a virtual cloud. For the next twelve months, a local network storage system and nine home storage systems will be interconnected with one another in a cloud. The field test has now commenced.

Several distributed storage systems are bundled together to form a virtual large-scale storage system in the cloud. This enables storage capacities from different players to be simultaneously used in a much more effective manner – irrespective of the location of the individual storage systems. Using a so-called cloud box, the storage systems are connected in advance to the information and communications technology (ICT). As part of a national field test, a local network storage system and nine home storage systems in Altenoythe near Oldenburg are being linked to a campus storage system in Stuttgart and a site storage system in a residential complex in Flein near Heilbronn.

In the recently begun field test that forms part of the green2store research project, the principle of cloud computing is being transferred to the energy world. During the next twelve months, the decentrally installed electricity storage systems will be connected together to form a virtual large-scale storage system. The communication and control systems will undergo testing as part of the field test. The bundled usage should enable a substantially greater utilisation of the storage systems. In addition, the combined use of different players also enables a much greater utilisation of the storage systems, which should also increase their efficiency and support the further integration of renewables in the electricity grid.

Ines Kolmsee, Chief Technology Officer at the consortium leader EWE: “Together with our partners, we are bringing the three worlds of energy, telecommunications and IT together in the green2store project. Despite the considerable distances, we are demonstrating how an optimum interplay between various energy storage systems can enable even more renewable energy to be absorbed into the electricity grid. The demonstration of green2store in the field is a further building block in achieving the German federal government’s climate protection goals.”

New business model for customers

“Decentralised battery storage systems are one of several technical options available for optimally integrating renewable energies into distribution networks. It is now exciting for us to monitor the storage requirement in the German market and to help our customers develop business models,” explains Dr. Martin Schumacher, who is responsible for energy technology on the Executive Board of the German division of ABB.

Supported by: The Federal Government on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag


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