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Focus of the funding initiative

Storing heat

Supply-oriented charging of heat or cold storage devices can make an effective contribution towards stabilising electricity grids.
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In the field of thermal storage research, there are many promising options in developing innovative materials, systems, and processes. The aim is to increase energy density and performance and to minimise storage losses. The focus here is on storing latent heat in the phase change and the reaction heat from chemical reactions. Research funding in this area covers a wide spectrum. Funding is available for basic research projects, technology-oriented approaches, and projects related to renewable energies. The aim: to make options for thermal storage economically viable in the long term. The approach here will be to optimise the characteristics of known phase change materials (PCM). In addition, a series of completely new thermochemical materials are to be characterised and tested for their basic suitability on a laboratory scale. Some of the work will be conducted in junior research groups. Young but experienced research scientists will get the chance to pursue their research approaches in their own working group. In one of these groups, for example, an innovative concept for an absorption storage system is being specifically developed for thermal solar systems. It will later be used for heat storage in private households and the industry.


Heat storage: number of projects by topic (as of June 2013)
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